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Guideprices in general in DKK 
HoursWeek-daysSundays & Public Holidays
First hour960,- 1.050,-
2 hours1.320,- 1.450,-
3 hours1.550,- 1.680,-
4 hours1.780,- 1.910,-
5 hours2.010,-2.140,-
6 hours2.240,-2.370,-
7 hours2.470,-2.600,-
8 hours2.700,- 2.830,-
9 hours2.930,-3.060,-
10 hours3.160,- 3.290,-
After 10 hours the price is DKK 280,- per hour.
Guideprices Egeskov Castle
HoursWeek-daysSundays & Public Holidays
First hour1.220,- 1.310,-
2 hours1.450,-1.580,-
3 hours1.680,-1.810,-

Maximum 25 persons per guide.

The prices are calculated per hour started.

For tours which start or end outside Odense, there will be an extra fee for the transport costs of the guide, at the rate specified by the government for 2019 (DKK 3,56 per kilometre). In the guide prices Egeskov Castle transportation is included.

In the absence of any other agreement, cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the tour is due to start. A fee of DKK 935,- will be charged for any cancellations later than this.

For larger arrangements, conditions of cancellation are agreed individually.

To make enquiries or order guides, please contact:

VisitOdense / GuideserviceFyn
DK-5000 Odense C
Tel. +45 63 75 75 20
Email: guideservice@odense.dk