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Tour suggestions

Egeskov Castle

Visit the Count’s castle – one of the most beautiful and dramatic water forts from the beginning of the Renaissance (built 1554). History, nature, gardens in all shades and exciting and enjoyable museums.


Experience the old streets, the churches and the museums, look at the art of the city or visit Brandts Klædefabrik Рthe possibilities are plenty in the city of Hans Christian Andersen.

Castles Tour

On Funen and the surrounding islands 123 castles and manor houses are registered. They give the visitors many experiences: the exterior magnificence of the buildings, the gardens and the surrounding fields and woods, and the adventure of entering the doors.

Castles in sailboat

By bus from Odense to Egeskov Castle. From here we proceed to Svendborg where we board the “Helge”, a veteran ferry. During the tour on the Svendborg Sound, you can see the Svendborg Shipyard, the Svendborg Sound Bridge, Christiansminde, Ventepose Mill, and the charming port of Troense. Finally “Helge” puts in at Valdemar Castle on Taasinge.